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Relocating to Fort Worth, Texas? Fort Worth relocation, relocating to Fort Worth, TX

Welcome to the Mays Realty Relocation Center! I'm Sharon Mays and it's my privilege to assist you and your company's relocation efforts.

Fort Worth Relocation Center

We can help you in every aspect of your move, from sending you a comprehensive relocation packet, to helping you get acclimated with Tarrant County, Fort Worth and your new neighborhood. Following is a list of our Texas relocation services.

Fort Worth Orientation

Each transferee is given a complimentary tour of the Fort Worth area. We assist our relocation clients in determining commute times to their new office and show areas of interest including the Fort Worth Stockyards, museums, shopping, schools and cultural centers.
Learn about Fort Worth

Advance Consultation

In addition to helping you get comfortable with your new living environment, we also spend time getting to know the needs of you and your family prior to your first visit to Fort Worth.

Relocation Guide

Mays Realty Group has developed an exceptional relocation packet that is included with the relocation packet we forward to transferees. To request a packet, simply contact Sharon Mays at 817-927-5375.

Temporary Living Coordination

We are able to assist and coordinate each relocation transferee in securing a temporary living arrangement until the relocation process is complete.

Mortgage Assistance

We also provide mortgage assistance to our relocation clients helping and recommending mortgage brokers, coordinating documentation retrieval or working with the relocation client's current mortgage broker to ensure a smooth transition.

Family Assistance

We also assist your family in getting acquainted with Fort Worth by offering resources for the trailing spouse employment search, elderly care for a transferring parent, and even helping you to find a school for your children.

Mays Realty Group is prepared to handle any size company relocation to Fort Worth Texas. If there is something that you require in your relocation that is not listed above, we would like to know. We are here to do most anything we can to take care of you and your family. If you are relocating to Fort Worth, Texas, please contact Sharon Mays 817-927-5357 for your advance relocation consultation today.


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