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Getting Your Interior Home Ready for Sale

Stay as objective as possible when showing your home for sale. Look around your home and eliminate items that personalize your home such as pictures, photos, signs, etc... You want the home to look like it is their home, not yours. Your home should look livable, and neutral to potential buyers.

-Get rid of pet odor. Pet odor in your home can delay the sell of your home. If your home has pet odor, you may want to consider replacing the carpet as pet odor can never be washed out.

-Clean the house with pine or lemon cleaner to eliminate odors. We can't always recognize odors we live with, but others may. You want your we're used to, including smells of cooking such as curry, bacon or greese. These smells can turn off potential buyers and impede the sale of your home.

-Clear closets, cabinets and corners of clutter. Clutter makes your home look smaller. Tossing junk, having a yard sale and giving items to charity are all part of getting your home ready for sale.

-Paint the interior of your home. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look and smell newer than it is. Some touch-up paint over scuffs and scrapes may be all that is needed. Or perhaps a coat of white paint along the baseboards will do the trick.

-Fix leaky faucets. A constant drip will turn potential buyers away. Call the plumber or fix any leaky faucets yourself.

-Clean deep. Give your home the deepest clean of its life. Clean, sweep, mop and scrub every corner of your home to make it look sharp and spiffy. Don't forget to remove cobwebs in high corners.

-Clear and organize cabinets, closets and drawers. Get ready for your home to be seen from top to bottom. Make sure your cabinets are visitor worthy and ready for inspection. People will want to see how large the cabinets. Give the impression of space by clearing your cabinets of unused items.

-Take care of the details. Do all the little things that you've needed to do to your home such as clean the dead bugs out of the light fixtures, soak your ceiling fans, scrub your grout with a toothbrush, replace broken doorstops, patch minor cracks and nail holes in the wall, replace lightbulbs in the extra bedroom and get new blinds to replace the damaged ones.

-Reset door jams and oil cabinet squeaks. If your doors are crooked, have them taken off the hinges and readjusted for symmetry. Keep WD40 handy to silence cracks and squeaks on cabinet doors.

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