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Home Showing Tips

Perfect strangers peaking into every cranny of your home. Sounds blissful... NOT! As unpleasant as showing your home may be, it's a necessary part of the selling process. If you're serious about selling your home, better hunker down and get ready for the showings.

-Make sure your home, inside and out is beyond reproach. Read our Curb Appeal and Interior House articles for motivation.

-Gather materials about your home for viewing. Locate owners manuals for appliances and floorplans or drawings from your home's purchase.

-Bake cookies or another good smelling food in the oven to give your home an inviting aroma. Cinnamon sticks placed in boiling water offers a faster way to get that homey-smell.

-Try not to be home. It is best for you to be gone when your home is being shown. Potential buyers may not feel as comfortable with you there.

-If you must be home, refrain from giving the "guided tour." Retreating to another room after a polite hello is the best way to give the home shoppers their privacy.

-Play soft music in the background. Some sources recommend playing soft music in the background while others say "silence is golden." You and your Realtor can be the judge.

-Open your windows wide.
Let the sun shine through the windows giving the appearance of openness and friendliness. Light pouring into a room will enlarge the space and brighten the home overall.

-Remove pets from home. If possible, remove your pets from the home while it's being shown. Pets are a nuisance to potential buyers as they are determining if they feel at home in your house. If you can't remove them, cart them. At the least, keep them outside.




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