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Here's what should you expect when you're selling your home with a  Realtor.

1. Once the buyers and sellers reach an agreement as to the terms and price of the sale, both sign a contract. The buyer gives an option check to seller. An unrestricted right to terminate the contract begins the effective date of contract.

3. The buyer's credit is approved and the appraisal of the property is completed. Property inspections are made.

4. The buyer and seller agents coordinate closing date and time with Buyer, Seller, and title company.

5. Title company receives lender's closing instructions, prepares additional closing documents, and the closing statement.

6. Buyer does final walk-through inspection of property and obtains cashier's check for closing costs and balance of down payment.

7. Title company closes the sale, returns or faxes required documents to Buyer's lender for approval.

8. Possession of home given to buyer.





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