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Sell your home with added CURB APPEAL

Homes that sell quickly and for their asking price  generally have one thing in common: Curb Appeal. You know the old cliche-- First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to selling your home. Assuring your house has the right curb appeal attracts potential buyers. Remember, buyers won't come inside, unless your home attracts them outside.

Your Home's Curb Appeal

Take a good hard look at your home's exterior, does it look like a well kept dream or a neglected shack? Even if you love that pink flamingo in the front, most people won't. So, be objective. Don't think of it as a home; think of it as a house-an investment that you want to sell. No matter how beautiful your home's front view, there's always more you can do. The better your home looks, the quicker it will sell. Here's a few helpful tips.

  • Secure gutters evenly and clear of debris.
  • Touch up areas where the paint is chipped.
  • Repaint if necessary.
  • Give front door an overhaul with fresh paint and new kick plate.
  • Clean windows and glass front doors more often.
  • Make interior window treatments look uniform from outside.
  • Sweep the walkway regularly.
  • Kill grass creeping through the sidewalk cracks.
  • Get a fresh, new welcome mat.
  • Fill a welcoming pot of flowers near the front door.
  • Keep yard accessories to a minimum for clean simple look.
  • Clean oil stains (if any) off driveway.
  • Clean outdoor fixtures and replace light bulbs.
  • Install new exterior lighting if it adds to appeal.
  • Spruce your flowerbeds with seasonal color.
  • Clear flowerbeds of ant beds, weeds and debris.
  • Deadhead flowers regularly when selling home in Spring.
  • Trim your bushes, shrubs more often.
  • Trim trees back and clear obstacles blocking windows.
  • Get rid of plants and shrubs that have lost their zest.
  • Spray paint roof vents to seamlessly match roof color.
  • Power spray your home and roof if necessary to remove moss.
  • Repair damaged fences and gates.
  • Get a new mailbox, or repair and paint your old one.
  • Makeover your patio with concrete stain treatment.

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