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Getting A Buyer's Agent

The role of your Buyers' Agent is help you find, negotiate for and buy a home that meets your realistic wants and needs for the lowest asking price. Your Buyer's Agent is legally responsible to act in your best interest throughout the home buying process. He or she should be actively seeking properties for you to consider, vigorously negotiating on your behalf and answering your questions and concerns with speedily.

Tips for Finding the Right Realtor

Since the commissions for real estate transactions are always paid by the seller, it costs you nothing to be represented by a buyer's agent, also called a real estate agent or Realtor. But how do you find the right person to represent your best interests in a real estate transaction? What are the signs of a top real estate agent?

#1 Responsiveness: The first sign of a good Realtor is their responsiveness to your phone calls. Do they answer their own phone? Do they promptly return your calls when you leave a message?

#2 Communication: It is crucial that your Realtor be able to communicate clearly and effectively throughout your home buying process. Make sure your intended agent answers questions directly, and takes time to help you understand.

#3 Ethics: You need a Realtor that will be honest with you at all times and will inform you of issues that may have a negative impact after closing. It is difficult to judge ethics, so go with your gut and check references.

#4 Genuineness: Does your intended Realtor seem to be in a hurry to make a sale, or does he or she seem more concerned with your successful home purchase. There are many good agents out there, no need to settle for someone who is not putting you first.

#5 Hardworking: A good real estate agent must work long hours and be flexible to meet with you when you are not working. You need a Realtor who is dedicated to his or her work and gives 100%.


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